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The images below have been colorised and presented
as a 3D render.

Below are some videos and a still image of the man found on Somerton Beach on December 1st 1948, it is a great Australian mystery which has yet to be properly solved.

The video above is interactive, you are able to zoom in and out using the wheel on your mouse or by pressing the control button and right-click to drag the image.

The first step in this process was to use an online colorized tool to enhance the image of the Somerton Man and then to enhance that coloured image even further finally adding eyes to get the most realistic image possible.

Finally, I used a product called '3D this' to create the 3D render that you see above. I added the smile to his face as a human touch, I am sure there would have been times when he did just that.

The YouTube video

The video shows a greater range of movement by way of seeing more of his profile:

The Voice

Ideally, we would have him talk bit at this time I don't have access to a suitable tool to do that, there are some available so I will try to get that happening. One issue is of course, that we don't know whether he had an accent. 

This may seem a little spooky but there is something I can do in the interim and that is to have him sing, it may sound an odd thing to do but it is not meant to be disrespectful in any way. It is more about showing a range of facial features and movements as you will see below:

The video above with audio is interactive, that means you can rotate the view of the man's face and tilt it as you wish.

We need to get this post shared far and wide, whilst we are talking 72 years ago there are people who would have been in their teens at the time and just maybe someone will recognise the man from these video clips.

Finally, this is my first effort with these tools and there are others around that could give us a better result and that we may be able to use to good effect. For now, though, this is what we have and whilst it's not perfect, it closer to having a lifelike image than we've ever had in the Somerton Man case.

Here's a still coloured image to finish this post off:

Coloured render of photograph of the Somerton Man


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