Monday, 20 July 2020



The Somerton Man Code Page Cracked Wide Open...

Clear image of Somerton Man code page showing micro codes


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Above is the Somerton Man Code page as no one has seen it since 1949. The image of of good resolution and you will be able to enlarge it to focus on each letter and marking. Be sure to just bring the objects into focus, it is easy to go past that point. 

Even at this view, you can see that each letter and each dark area has smaller letters and numbers within them.

I have included an image of the top left quadrant below and highlighted some of the letters, I will be adding close up images in the next few hours.

Image showing highlighted letters with micro written code, micro writing

   Letter B, Line 3, upright

Letter T showing micro written codeThere will be close up images of each letter and marking available but there is quite a bit of work to be done in extracting all the microcode so that we can make a start on the deciphering task if that's possible. The fact that this has been done after all these years is quite incredible, not only have we now got the Boxall book codes in a readable format, we also now have the main prize, the Somerton Man code page and it's cracked wide open for all to see.

Letter T, Line 3. Top bar                                                        

It's an interesting exercise to examine each and every letter and shaded area. There are what appear to be a number of telephone numbers amongst it all and in some instances, as I think I may have pointed out before, you have to rotate the page to see the code. It depends on which side of the page it was written from. An example is the top left shaded area, you will need to turn the page 90 degrees anti-clockwise to see what is written in there and it may just be 2 telephone numbers, but see what you think.


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  1. Early days as yet but we have recovered some strings of letters and numbers. It is looking like it is possibly a book code, as in page number, paragraph number, line number and word number. The book is the Rubaiyat. But, it is still early days.