Secret Codes


This page contains a series of 15 video clips in a playlist.

These were originally filmed in 1942 and, apart from the content of the serial episodes, each clip includes a discussion and demonstration of various codes and methods that were used by agents. Those discussions, 15 in all, are to be found within the last 3 minutes of each clip.

Starting with basic code and moving on to some surprising code and quite complex methods that were used, I think you'll find the content very informative.

Don't forget, the codes and descriptions of how they work are in the last 3 minutes of each clip!

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  1. IMPORTANT! This page has a Video Playlist. It is of a 1942 Film but split into 15 episodes of between 22 minutes and 35 minutes duration. In the last 3 minutes or so of each episode shown, there is a description and demonstration of a different code and concealment method. It really is well worth watching all 15 smaller clips and, given the nature of the world at the time, even the episodes are good!