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Various Manuals

Miniature and micro writing has a history that goes back thousands of years, and probably the Cuneiform Tablets on display at the British Museum would be the earliest known form. You can read much more about the history of microwriting on our sister blog,

Micro Writing & Espionage
Whilst there is no formalised set of information on Secret and/or Miniature Writing and it's use in the World of Espionage, there are some examples and on this page we will develop a set of documents, images and links as a resource for those interested. The book is underway and that will be released by April 2013.

The first set of information contains documents that discuss 'Secret Writing' in Espionage as used since the early 1900's and in my view for many hundreds if not thousands of years before then.

Be aware that some of these documents are written in French or German but there is always a translation later in the document:

1. Secret Writing Methods

2. MI9 Code

3. CIA Style Guide for Intelligence Report Writing

4. US Army Radio Operators Manual

5. Rubaiyat Courage & Friendship edition. Whitcomb & Tombs

6. Rubaiyat, Boxall Edition

7. Sands and Macdougall Directoy 1947

8. Sands and Macdougal Directory 1948

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