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The author of the blog has an interest in art and creates fascinating handwritten micrography, word art based artworks. 


  1. Is there a mail address you could be reached at?

    1. Thanks for your question, if you can message me with your details and the reason why you would like a mailing address I will happily respond. My reason for asking for your information relates to some earlier unpleasant experiences, I'm sue you will understand.

  2. Hi Gordon,
    I am researching Roger Casement's 1916 landing at Banna Strand and would love to speak to you about it further. My email address is mary.atkinson@middleeasteye.org - please get in touch when you have a moment and I will be happy to explain further.

  3. Saw the article in newspaper over the weekend. His ballet legs and bad
    liver point to a Russian for sure. Lots of vodka no doubt. The fact he
    had an American comb means he had an American contact in Aust. or
    overseas. Cold war spies often swapped items when they met as mementos.
    Some USSR spooks would even try and get things for their wives like
    jewellery etc. Things like cigarette lighters, combs - even
    chocolates. They were desired items in the USSR. Lots of spy work going
    down in Aust. during this time with many moles and spies in the Labor
    party (DLP). Many USSR spies had trouble accessing US direct, so they'd
    work in getting to Aust. parties/high public servant positions to access
    US info and people via proxy.

    I know sometimes people would purposely put a body in warm clothes and sit in warm place to speed up decomposition but surely leaving a body in a public place like a beach would be discovered quickly so that rules it out. I understand he had two public transport tickets. Not uncommon practice to throw people off and keep them guessing as to which place he might go next. Can be hard to one tail to go to a couple of places at once.

    It was probably Joe Vialls and he just reincarnated into another decade

    1. Interesting historical background. If you can quote some specific cases/examples it would be most useful and appreciated.

      Thanks for your comment..

  4. When one is ill . . .you get cold easier. especially if you are very ill.

  5. Enquirer: You can leave a message just to the right column, Name: Email, Message.
    That gets a private message to me

  6. Well that was an interesting to read.
    I ended up here with googling Wally's Clayton "Klod". I am researching him, think he is worth a book, or even a movie, The Snapper King. I had to read when I came here and saw a picture of him.

    My parents knew Wally's, my father more so, he was older than my mother, and probably knew him before they married. I met Wally's up in Port Stephens when my ex husband had his fishing trawler moored up there. Wally's came down on to the boat, came into the cabin looked at me and said "I knew your mother and father. I got his name and next time I spoke to mum mentioned meeting this man named Wally's in Port Stephens at the wharf. She knew straight away who it was. I said to mum how did he even know I was A) your daughter
    B) that I was on the boat in Port Stephens at that time when normally we would be working out of Newcastle. Mum was mystified a bit because it was not in Newcastle, but someone knew and old 'soy' Wally's somehow found out I was there.

    One question for you, apart from the alleged confession that Wally's supposed to have made, that is supposed to be taped, but no one ever heard it. How did they prove Wally's was Klod?

    You know that in the Verona papers there is someone they refer to as CLAYTON, but was reading that it is thought that was a party member named Tripp who went to Moscow.

    I know it is a bit off topic of where you are with Sommeton Man, I have only recently downloaded the Verona papers yet to read

    You blog is very interesting, I especially like the micro writing, I have seen it on a Cowrie shell a WW2 soldier etched into the shell, you needed a big magnifying glass to read, the Lords Prayer it was I think memory not too good.

    I also like jpw thorough you are the detail, and how you give some historical context, which is important.

    Thanks for your tireless work, so interesting.


  7. I'm here because of the Dark Histories podcast