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In the images above you can see what is a section from a single page of micro-written code instructions, a manual in fact on a single page. This particular image is courtesy of the Imperial War Museum in London and is a still from the Sir David Jason Documentary that you will see below.

It's a fairly lengthy video but I can suggest that you look to the 14-minute 10-second mark on the clip and from there you'll be taken on a fascinating journey with Sir David Jason as he walks through some rare examples of MI6 techniques and documents stretching back to WW1. What you will see is that Micro written codes were in use by British Intelligence from at least WW1 and the concealment methods used were worked on and improved in the years that followed. It was British Intelligence that was to employ the Hay Bank Note designer and Internee, George Adams Teltscher in 1941.

Those bank notes contain magnificent examples of micro writing. Not only that, George, a  relative of the second US President, John Adams, was interned along with many fellow German, mostly Jewish, men at the Hay Internment Camp in New South Wales, amongst them, was Tibor Kaldor, the second man found dead in Adelaide just days after the Somerton Man was found. It was in Tibor's last letter that an example of the DANETTA CODE was first uncovered.

This microcode technique is the same approach that was used and found in the Somerton Man code, Vers 70 Rubaiyat exchanged between Jestyn and Alf Boxall, the torn slip of paper bearing the words Tamam Shud and in two other cases where men mysteriously died. All of this information plus photographic images not previously published is to be found in 'THE DANETTA CODE' book available via the links shown below. 


THE DANETTA CODE' BOOK will include more examples of Tradecraft some of which in my view, could well have been used in the Somerton Man and related cases.

Here's the link to the Amazon page for Kindle readers:

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The first 5 chapters have been published with the second part in eBook format on the same platforms and will be published this week. You will find some astonishing new information on the pages of the latest installment.



  1. The precise role of Naval Intelligence in the Somerton Man
    case is an interesting subject, best left for the book.

  2. Baden Powell hid his maps of Boer forts and defensive positions in his drawings as a roving Artist during the prelude to the Boer War. It's a very interesting read.

  3. An update on THE DANETTA CODE book. The second book has been delayed once more due to the receipt of further new and extremely interesting information which gives us yet another perspective on the whole case. In fact, I think it would be far more appropriate to say that the Somerton Man incident is now seen as just that, it's one piece of a much larger puzzle, as Jess once suggested, this really does go far higher than the SA Police.

  4. Have you thought about looking at German radio code books for pilots.

  5. Haven't had a lok at German codes, if you have some examples that would be good. I do know there was a German Language book, a manual on Espionage and also a German Airforce manual or at least a reference to one. Here's the USMC document link:

    It's not earth shattering stuff but it might fill in a few blanks.

    Another manual here on simple sabotage methods:

    Gives a reasonable overview of simple sabotage technqiues in use in WW2 and cold war.

    Keep in touch!



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