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The research that Clive and I did on the man found dead in the Victoria Hotel in Hindley Street, two weeks to the day following the discovery of the body of the man at Somerton Beach, was extensive. It was anything but a dead end. In fact, it still has a significant bearing on the Somerton Man case.

Those of you were following this blog back then, would recall Tibor's last letter, his 'suicide' note. It seemed almost too well structured in many ways, but he was of Germanic/Jewish stock and so one could expect a certain degree of structure and formality even for something as intense as a suicide letter.

But, it wasn't just the way in which the letter had been written, on putting the contents of the letter through an acrostic decoder, we were presented with the name DANETTA. In fact on processing the first output a second time we were astonished to see the words:

 '..and see Danetta and suitcase, Danetta, Danetta, Danetta, Danetta..'


A second instance of the same name, DANETTA, was also found in the well-known ad about a lost gold watch. The wording of that ad also produced the name Danetta when analysed. the common feature was the fact that both the ad and TKs last letter had been so structured as to reveal the name alongside a set of 7 consecutive numbers which indicated the position of the letters contained in DANETTA.


There was some consternation if not surprise when a commenter from another blog in their efforts to discredit the findings of the name DANETTA in the ad and the letter, found the same the same name a third time only on this occasion, it was within the Verse 70 inscription made by Jestyn in a copy of the Rubaiyat that she had given to Alf Boxall. We were able to demonstrate that once again, the name DANETTA was partnered with 7 consecutive numbers which indicated the location of the relevant letters that formed the name DANETTA.


The image below hardly needs any introduction, it's the code page that was later found and associated with a small torn piece of paper containing the words 'TAMAM SHUD' which in turn was found secreted in a hard to find fob pocket in the trouser waistband of the pair of trousers that the Somerton Man was wearing when his body was discovered on 1st December 1948.

It was only natural that we should make an effort and see if we could find the name DANETTA within the indented letters found on the code page.

Well we did and then again, we didn't. 

We did in so far as it was relatively easy to pick the necessary letters to form the name DANETTA from the letters on the codepage but we didn't in so far as we were not able to use seven consecutive numbers to locate and fix the position of the necessary letters D, A, N, E, T, T and A. And that, as the saying goes, appeared to be that.

But, and it's a big but, what we didn't do was to properly analyse the individual lines on the code page. As you see them above we have 9 letters in line 1, 6 letters in Line 2, 11 letters in line 3, 11 letters in line 4 and a whopping 13 letters in line 5.

But look again. Within the first 4 lines, each group of letters commences with the letter M. Look even closer now at the third and fifth lines, they are not single lines with a single group following the letter M. The third line is a shorter line, MTBI,  followed by another line, MPANETP. Moving to line 4 on the code page, it should have the letters VTT from the next line included within it such that the fifth line should read MTSA and then another line MST GAR. 


What you will read here is that there is indeed a set of consecutive numbers associated with the name DANETTA and it is found within the reformated 7 line.groups/code page.

All up we really have 7 lines with 7 letters M heading them as follows:

Each line starts with the letter M. My thoughts are that M is a signal letter that probably means 'group follows' or similar. There are micro written numbers and letters within each M and indeed within every letter and line on the codepage.

Include all letters in the 7 line sequence shown below:



Letter positions can be fixed and then read from left to right or from right to left:

D = Line 1, # 1 READ Right to Left
A = Line 5, # 6 READ Right to left
N= Line 4, # 4 READ Left to Right
E= Line 4, # 5 READ Left to Right
T = Line 3, # 2 READ Left to Right
T = Line 7, # 3 READ Left to Right
A = Line 5 # 7 READ Left to Right


So, there we have it, a strict 7 number sequence linked to individual letters with the first two letters, D and A, being read from right to left and the remainder being read left to right, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7. When you look at the arrangement, there is a certain logic, 1 by itself then 2 and 3, then 4 and 5 and 6 and 7 being the outer two numbers within which we find 2,3,4 and 5

DANETTA now appears in Tibor Kaldor's last letter, in the Gold Watch ad, in Verse 70 and now the code page And each time it appears it does so in conjunction with 7 consecutive numbers which fix the positions of each letter.

Where does this leave us? We now have substantial proof that Tibor Kaldor was aware of the existence of the same code that was found in three other documents associated with the Somerton Man case. 

By default, we have Alf and Jestyn also having knowledge of this clandestine identification method.

When you bring in to play the now proven existence of microcode on the code page and in three of the four documents plus the discovery of notations of proven ship movements in Sydney Harbour in 1943, it is seemingly inarguable that what we have in the Somerton Man case is an espionage operation. And that this operation somehow involved Jestyn, Alf Boxall, the Somerton Man and Tibor Kaldor.

More to follow.


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