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The Somerton Man Case. The body of a man found on an Australian beach close to a major Atomic Testing ground, he was probably poisoned, a copy of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam and an unbroken Code page found and associated to him. Set against a Cold War background in 1948, was this man a spy? We think so and this blog focuses on the evidence that was left behind and in some cases missed, the Code page, Dry Cleaning numbers, A Poem and a small, torn piece of paper bearing the words TAMAM SHUD.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

SOMERTON MAN: Verse 70 close ups


Above is a close up of Jestyn's signature, taken in daylight with a Pentax Optio at macro setting. No adjustments made at this stage but you can see letters and numbers though quite faintly.

What you see above is a close-up image taken in daylight with a Pentax Optio camera set to maximum Macro View, in that setting the lens gets to within 1 cm of the object. The image is of the closing inverted commas at the end of Verse 70 and above Jestyn's signature. On the left is the raw image and on the right I have used an onscreen magnifier to clarify the micro written code. I estimate it to be around .3 mm in height, which is at least twice the human eye threshold.

Above is an image of the power left corner of Verse 70. Taken in daylight and close up/macro mode. At this point, I have not made any adjustments to the image but will add another image later that will have had its levels adjusted to sharpen the fuzzy looking numbers that appear in the lower part of the letter Y within the magnified circle. There are also numbers in the 70 and will add another image of that later this week.

The technique used is such that anyone with a suitable digital camera can replicate what has been done here.

What this proves is that Alf and Jestyn made use of this from of clandestine communications. It is similar to the microcode written into the Hay Internment camp signatures and as is found within the code page.


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