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The Somerton Man Case. The body of a man found on an Australian beach close to a major Atomic Testing ground, he was probably poisoned, a copy of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam and an unbroken Code page found and associated to him. Set against a Cold War background in 1948, was this man a spy? We think so and this blog focuses on the evidence that was left behind and in some cases missed, the Code page, Dry Cleaning numbers, A Poem and a small, torn piece of paper bearing the words TAMAM SHUD.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

SOMERTON MAN: Micro Code, The best proof yet


'... and part of the process was turning the image negative' Gerry Feltus in our discussions 2014

Unmistakable microcode within the two letters above being the I and A from line 4 on the code page.
It was simple to obtain this image, it is a straightforward close up of the 4th line and turned int negative view. If you look closely you will see the entire strings in the marked up areas, they appear in a slightly darker grey colour. What I also see here is that a line was drawn first, probably in ink, you may be able to make out a slight colouration a little darker than the Police markings, and it is within that the microcode was written.

Be aware that each letter and mark on the code page needs to individually addressed as to which is the best method to reveal the concealed microcode.

Here are more examples that are in the normal view:

Set of numbers in the letter O. 

At the end of the 3rd line, what appears to be a symbol, I think mathematical, it is a circle with the letter X within it. There are a number of these symbols to be found on the code page.

Line 1, above the last letters B and D what appears to be handwriting and numbers with a pronounced back slope.

You should be able to see the string of microcode in the upright of the first letter T from line 5. The string is about half the width of the upright marking and appears as a quite dark colour.

Between the S and A on the last line, handwritten notes, 

first line: 2 YRS 42

2nd line: Venom X4513 of note is the fine shape of the letter X, quite unusual. The letters and numbers are quite faint in appearance but are quite definitely there.

Found beneath the last two letters of the last line, AR.

The letters LZ155G, this set matches the registration number of the first Vampire Jet fighter to land on the deck of an aircraft carrier in 1945.

I would like to have everyone understand that every letter and every line marked on the code page which includes the smudges top left and right of the page, contains microcode. The big question is what does it all mean?

There is another set of questions, of course, they relate to why on earth Adelaide University didn't have the wherewithal to find this code? All those years, all that expense and all that denial. Frankly it disappoints me.

This is my penultimate post. I have spent 9 years on this case with most of that time working on the issue of microcode within the code page, Verse 70 and the torn piece. I set out to prove that and now that it's done, it's time I moved on to other things. The methods used in the process of recovering the code are all on this blog site and anyone can make use of them. I intend to leave it all online for some time.

1 more to go!

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