Thursday, 5 May 2016

SOMERTON MAN: First Level of Code Page Cracked!

First Level of Code Page Cracked!

For the enthusiast. If you look to the left of the first letter A in the AIAQC sequence above, you will see two dots and then alongside the upper dot, if you download the large version, you will see a 3 letter word in micro-writing. Let me know what you think it says. Prosigns, the 1945 US War Department Radio Operators Manual has cracked the first level of the code page. Here's the link to the manual which you can download: are my first notes with explanations, there are some letters that can be interpreted but they do need to get additional confirmation, that means researching the web for any WW 2 radio operators manuals. Hoping that Pete Bowes and co will lend a hand!

A could mean ‘Authenticate’ references in various morse code sites. It can also mean ‘the originators call sign follows’ from the manual

AB means ‘All before’ in manual

AR means ‘This is my last message, no reply is expected or required’ in manual

The single letter A could mean ‘All’. assumed from manual

B is ‘More to follow’ in manual

C is for ‘Corrected Version’ in manual

D means ‘Defer’ in manual

E repeated means error so possibly the E means an error from a previous message.assumed from manual

G means ‘Repeat Back’ in the manual and possibly means ‘Groups’ which could contain microcodes of just which groups are to receive the messages. Assumed from manual and other sources

‘I’ could be for ‘Information only’ from other sources

M stands for ‘Message’ The letters CM stand for ‘Classified Message’ so it would not be unreasonable to assume that it is OK. Assumed from manual

N means ‘Not Received or Exempted’ in the manual, could be short for ‘Net Control Station’ or NCS. assumed from manual

O means ‘Urgent’ from manual

P means ‘Priority’ from manual

We have the Q may be part of an operating signal normally containing 3 letters in which case we would have QCV, notably the 3 letter signal beginning with Q was used by aircraft to include movements of aircraft. That, of course, rings a bell because the Q contains microcode CA 23, a still on the board design for a twin jet fighter-bomber designed by Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation which used the two letters CA as ‘prefix’ for all their aircraft types. It could then alter the 6th line in the earlier comment to QCVTT. From manual

R is ‘Received’ or ‘Routine’ from manual

The S could mean ‘Station’ referred to in the manual.

T means ‘Transmit to’ from the manual. There are other uses of the T which can be found in the manual

V means ‘message from’ from manual

Finally, the X above the two crossed lines could mean ‘Executive Message’ assumed from the manual. That would fit because those two lines contain strings of microcode.

That would cover all of the larger letters and you should be able to see how they could have been used as a kind of ‘filing’ and instructions system for microcode messages.

The code page letters make sense if they were designed to be carriers of microcode, but, as stand-alone letters with Prosign meanings, they do not make any real sense.

Another Military Radio Operators manual would be of value to confirm some of the assumptions.

As it stands I think we may just have cracked open the first level of the code and have certainly already discovered the presence of the concealed code.

Code Page Marked Up Instances

There are around 100 instances of definite or likely examples of micro writing highlighted on this page. They range from single letter X in small circles to strings of numbers with some letters. In one case there are several lines of handwriting just above the letters B and D in the first line. The handwriting has a noticeable back slant.

You can download this page in it's enlarged version by clicking on the image which will open the large version, you can then right click and download.



  1. Hi Gordon, Looks 'ver'? (verify)? Looks like the faint lines of a square contain these letters is showing. Clive

    1. Hi Clive, Yes I see VER but could also be YER.
      VER is Spanish for 'See' whilst YER is Turkish for 'Place' it is also a place in Moda, Istanbul. The location is close to a Port. I don't yet know of the significance if any of that location during the cold war or WW2. There is another location.

      There is another interesting spot on the code page. If you look at line 3, 3rd letter in is B. Just beneath the B and slightly to thr right of centre, a small arrow has been drawn it points to what appears to be another word? More to follow :) FYI, these are all on the original code page that can be found here:

  2. Hi Gordon, Below the letters T & B (on 3rd line) there is a faint horizontal line and what appears to be letters/figs? curving up towards the RHS of the line (towards the letter B) near the small arrow. Clive

  3. This was all already uncovered in the bible codes....

    1. Thanks for your comment, can you please point me at a link where and when this was done?

  4. Interested in your opinion on my post ; I found Jestyn's phone number written clearly on the back page in the first photo published:

    1. Hi Matt, Had a good look at your post and left a comment on your page. I think that you have done a good job thus far and are on the right track.

      You might have noticed that the code page as found on the wiki, has a different aspect ratio to that of the image found in the Littlemore documents. The Littlemore documentary took place in 1978, that was some years before the Adelaide Advertiser converted the bulk of their archived images to digital. It seems to me that in that process they 'cropped' both left and right of the image and perhaps a little from the top as well. The end result is that the shape of the real ROK as found was in fact narrower and more of the size that would fit in your inside pocket, rather like an old wallet in shape really.

      The implication is that perhaps people have been searching for a wrong print run of the same book. Their target was of a more square design.

      As someone commented on another blog, I had actually highlighted a location somewhat further to the right of your find. I wonder whether that is in any way due to the cropping exercise and perhaps the tooling of the image in that particular newspaper article.

      Good work though and I look forward to more of your posts.



  5. is it possible that some letters might be rearranged and some may be written in the reverse alphebet.

  6. Yes, anything is possible, letters can be re-arranged and even an acrostic code could be involved. For example if each letter was represented by a number then all that would be needed is a set of numbers to pick out the words. Another example of an acrostic is the appearance of the word DANETTA within a strict numerical sequence and most interestingly that only occurs when you use the letter M to start each line, there are 7 Ms and therefore 7 lines or groups in this code. DANETTA was first found within the last letter written by Tibor Kaldor, a man who died of poisoning in Adelaide two weeks to the day after the Somerton Man was found.

    Thanks for your interest and comment!

  7. On the third line to the right of the last letter, there is something highlighted that looks like a O with an x through it. Just to the right of that appears to be another example of micro writing. A 3-4 letter "word" that appears to begin with "T". The t looks very similar to the large ones.Dont know how that would help, but yeah

    1. Thanks for the comment, it would be good to get a clearer image. Since the image above was taken, I have acquired additional equipment and lighting including Infrared, I'll go back and have a look at that specific area.

  8. Clive, The 'VER' or 'YER' could be 'YAR' as in Kapustin Yar, the Soviet range inland from Odessa and as referred to by Paul Lawson?

  9. What if the code is no code at all? What if it's to throw you and the police off? Think about it, the most likely reason he died was from poison, but many shady things that the Someton man has done. He might have just killed himself, ie. drank poison got rid of the bottle, and just died? I am working on cold cases in class, and was assigned this case, but I would love to know any other info y'all might have since I can easily be wrong.

  10. Since Tamam Shud is Persian why havent you tried Ver Yer Var or Yar in Perisan? Ver is Prescription, Var is nothing, Yer is nothing again and same with yar. Which could show, or maybe narrow it down? Just a thought though.

    1. Again, this post and images are more than 4 years old and various languages were tried. However, recently I tried Russian and we came up with a translation.

      Take a look here:

  11. Thanks for your comment. The short answer is Yes, it has been thought of and since the image above was published, more than 4 years ago now, a lot more has been discovered. Here are a couple of links for you to read through:

    The link below shows am image of the code page taken under infrared lighting, it has the effect of peelong away a layer of ink, the layer that was applied by an agency to cover up the micro code below ot. The concealment method used is based on a technique called INK H which was developed by British SOE in the early 1940s:

    This next link shows some close up images of the Alf Boxall copy of the Rubaiyat which was supposedly given to him by the nurse, Jestyn, at a meeting in the Clifton Gardens Hotel in 1945: The method used is slightly different but once again relies on micro written code:

    Don't give up and keep thinking through it, your comment is appreciated.