Tuesday, 1 June 2021



Below is a video, it isn't about the Somerton Man as such but it is about the exhumation of a number of sets of remains and it shows the process used to categorise and optimise the information gleaned from those remains.

The subject goes back to the 1500s and relates to the discovery of the remains of 100 individuals in York. If you have an interest in this kind of forensic examination then you really should watch this documentary.

After you've viewed this clip, and there are more in the same vein, you will see just how critically important it is to examine every minute detail. In the Somerton Man case, there is one such critical piece of information, and that is the chart of the Somerton Man's teeth made by Dr. Dwyer at the autopsy of the man:

The chart for the teeth found with the exhumed remains must match the chart above. If it does then that's all good but if it doesn't then we have an entirely different outcome. The fact that the chart must be created and matched if we are to get a believable result from the examination of the exhumed remains.


  1. Just hope that Paul Lawson's concerns about the state of the skull that he'd worked with don't turn out to be founded

  2. A good point, I think that what he saw and spoke about is a concern. Still no mention of the dental chart or anything else for that matter. I do know that it can take some weeks for the scientists to complete their work.