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'Ink H' Microcodes shown in the following images from the Boxall ROK...

What you see here is quite clearly micro code concealments within the Alf Boxall/Jestyn copy of the ROK. This is the same kind of code as you will find on the Somerton Man code page and hidden also within the TAMAM SHUD torn slip of paper. This is the code, efforts to try and 'crack' the larger letters found on the code page are, in my view, sadly and simply a waste of effort but there are those who choose that as their path. The letters may have a meaning as in part of a radio operator's Pro Signs, but the full-blown code has already been found and cracked last year, in part it is a HILL CIPHER Read more at the bottom of this post.


A close up of the grapes from the illustration page of the Boxall Rubaiyat:

Above is the marked Macro close view of the grapes.


The following images show the concealment of microcode within the actual letters of the Title page:


The next 2 images show the concealment that appears as a vertical line between the inscription and title pages.

This next image shows the concealment in reasonable detail, the characters shown are around .4mm in size:


There is an amazing resemblance between the method used to conceal code in this image and that used by George Teltscher in his stunning design of the Hay Internment Camp banknotes.

The signature line from a Hay 2 shilling note, microcode within the cursive writing

Below I have cropped the top image in two parts for easier handling. The idea is that from these images you will see the beginnings of how the book was used, I believe, as a training manual, Jestyn was taught how to conceal codes and this was her assignment.

I have put similar images on here previously, I explained then how to process the initial photograph in order to reveal the codes. Essentially it was a matter of printing out the original image on bleed-proof paper and at high-quality print settings. What's different about this image is that this is a hi-resolution copy of the 2nd stage image, that is, this is a copy of the image on bleed-proof paper.

The idea is to enable anyone to download and examine the details for themselves. 

1. The Inscription page:

On download you will be able to zoom in and view details of code, they are not all perfectly clear although some are. Pay particular attention to the illustration and the facial features and neck areas as well as the hand and the ring. The vertical line at the centre of the book should also be looked at. The inscription itself is well worth viewing as is the number 70 and Jestyn's signature. If you can't quite see it, then I suggest that you consider taking close pics using a macro lens camera.

2. The Title Page

You'll need to rotate the title page anti-clockwise and then examine the lettering in close-up. The small illustration should be carefully examined in particular the grapes. Just focus in on them and you'll see what's been hidden there.

 In a post on this blog some years ago, the larger letters n the code page were possibly in my view, part of a Radio Operators Pro Signs. Here's a link to that post:


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