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Image of text from the title page of the Boxall Rubaiyat

Image of several instances of micro code found in the Boxall copy of the Rubaiyat
These first few images show the skill of the person who concealed the micro written code within individual letters found on the Title page of the Boxall Rubaiyat. Every single letter shows evidence of containing micro written code.

Micro code found in the illustration of the grapes on the title page of the Boxall Rubaiyat

The Grapes image has been published before but this image was taken using InfraredTransmission, which, in my view greatly enhances the fine detail of the microcode found inside the grapes and the shape of the leaf.

Fez person image showing several images of code concealment

If you look carefully, you will see micro written letters and numbers in the highlighted areas of the person wearing the Fez.

 The entire outline of the shape of the person contains a microcode as you should be able to see around the collar. The tassel on the fez has letters and numbers and the tips of the hair flicked out also show characters.

Hidden codes in facial features of illustration, Boxall Rubaiyat

In this image you can see that the right eye has a microcode, in fact, the eyebrow has as well but that's for another post.

Last image for the Fez sequence shows the right eye and of course, it too has microcode written in. Every feature on this image carries micro code.

Concealed code found in facial features of Illustration on Boxall Verse 70

The image below  is not from the Boxall copy, it is from the Somerton Man Code page:

Image of micro code found on Somerton Man code page, letter S from the last line


 You can download this page and then examine it at your leisure, there is code to be found in the inscription, in the illustration, in an apparent dark line that runs from bottom to top, and the left-hand edge of the inscription page. Start at the bottom of the page and then magnify the image gradually. The line between the two pages is worth examining, rotate the image 90 degrees anti-clockwise and examine that line gradually magnifying what you see on that line.


This is a classic image that shows the way that codes are concealed within the Text on the title page and also within the small bunch of grapes and leaves. 

Download and magnify what you see, when seeing below some of the examples of micro written codes on this page and within the text letters.

Whilst the images are a little fuzzy in parts, you can still make out individual letters and numbers carefully hidden within the Text on the title page.

The image below is known to some but not at this resolution:


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