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In the video above you will notice that there is an almost perfect match between the Fedosimov facial features and those shown in the image of the Somerton Man Bust full face view. The set of the eyes is the same, the shape of the nose is the same but as the video progresses, you will note that there is a difference between Fedosimov's mouth/chin line and that of the bust. On close examination you will see that the difference is explained by the fact that Fedosimov's mouth is open in his image whilst the Bust image shows a closed mouth, in fact the Somerton Man's mouth was glued shut after the autopsy, a common practice. The open mouth has the effect of lengthening the chin as you will observe. The angle from which the Fedosimov photograph was taken and the lighting also play a part in this video.

This second video is to show in better detail the match between the nose of SM and that of Fedosimov:

As you can see, the nose shape is exactly the same with the only difference being the lighting and shadow effects. If you look carefully at the nostrils in particular, they seem to me to be perfectly matched.

In a very recent post we showed the issues related to the shape of the Somerton Man's ears, that post demonstrated that aspect,

My view is that, given the open mouth of Fedosimov, we have a 98% match between the face of Fedosimov and that of the Somerton Man bust. This underpins my belief that the Somerton Man is very likely to be KGB Major, Pavel Fedosimov.

It is acknowledged that the plaster bust was constructed by Paul Lawson based in part on the post autopsy image of the Somerton Man.

Fedosimov was last seen in July 1948 as he boarded a ship bound for Russia, there is no recorded sighting of him since that time.

But how was Fedosimov linked to Australia? More on that in an upcoming post.



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  2. I am glad you are well, the nose comparison video has been added for your interest. "You can't run with the hair and chase with the hounds', an old adage but true and often quoted to me by my father. Maybe you have spent too much time in the pub?

  3. I can actually see the resemblance. The shape of the Fedosimov's nose in the picture might look different due to the lighting. It would be great to see some more photos of Fedosimov alive. Do you have any ideas where to look for them? There's also another thing that makes me wonder: in a basic google search for "Pavel Fedosimov" (which you probably did as well) I got a document from the Atomic Energy Conference which took place in 1966 in Viena. It mentions Pavel I. Fedosimov as one of the Soviet Union's delegates. Do you think it's a different person with the same name (which is possible, as it's not a rare surname) or it some kind of mistake or a forgery? Best regards!

    1. The only source for photographs of Fedosimov is the FBI, Clive approached them and they were unable to assist. We mentioned the atomic energy link in a previous post, there was know confirmation of that particular person being our man and, as you say it could well be a case of the same name. 18 years a big gap. There was a watch list for Pavel put out in 1949 I think? Need to check that again.

  4. I don't think mouth open/closed is the problem, I think it's the angle of the can see this by putting your mouse cursor at the top of the ear in the videos above and leaving it there as it fades to the other face - they're nowhere near each other. I don't think this necessarily means it's not the same person, but I think the angles of the head and the bust are vastly different - so the comparison doesn't quite work.

    1. I have no doubt that the image angles has a lot to do with the position of the mouth and on that we agree. What is worth bearing in mind is that the bust was made by hand and my belief is that the post autopsy images of SM were used as prompt for modelling the face on the bust. Given that is correct, then the mouth on the bust may have been mis-positioned in the process.The eyes and the nose line up quite well. Thanks for the comment.