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The Somerton Man Case. The body of a man found on an Australian beach close to a major Atomic Testing ground, he was probably poisoned, a copy of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam and an unbroken Code page found and associated to him. Set against a Cold War background in 1948, was this man a spy? We think so and this blog focuses on the evidence that was left behind and in some cases missed, the Code page, Dry Cleaning numbers, A Poem and a small, torn piece of paper bearing the words TAMAM SHUD.

Friday, 16 December 2016


Mr Kaldor & Mr. Jacoby

Why Is This Address So Intriguing?

The first we knew of this address came to light during Clive's research into the sudden and questionable case of 'suicide' of Tibor Kaldor in Adelaide just two weeks to the day following the death of the Somerton Man on December 1st 1948.

Between us, Clive and I have carried out further research and via a link to the World Jewish Refugee organisation website, our research was rewarded. Clive had contacted one of the volunteers at this organisation and she responded with a great deal of new and extremely interesting information.

Not only did they have a case record for Tibor Kaldor but they also had a record of a Mr. Erwin Jacoby, a name we had linked to Tibor some weeks ago in relation some kind of financial dealings in the UK. Both Mr Kaldor and Mr Jacoby resided at 65 Parliament Hill in 1939/1940 owned at the time by a Mr John Hannah, Mr Hannah may be a name that rings bells for some but I am sure that this at least is pure coincidence.

The Learned Gentlemen

If that had been the only related fact then this story would have ended at that point. but it wasn't. there's a lot more of interest about these two men.

If that had been the only related fact then this story would have ended at that point. but it wasn't. there's a lot more of interest about these two men.

Tibor arrived in the UK on 13th March 1939 at the port of Folkestone from Milan, Italy where he had been for 8 1/2 months. He was born in June 1904 and spoke Geman, English, French, and Italian, the documents state that he was not an orthodox Jew. His occupation was stated as 'Secretary' and later 'Trainee'
Erwin arrived in Dover on the 27th June 1939, having spent time, 5 1/2 months, in Italy, believed to be Milan. He was born in August 1904 and spoke German, English, Italian and Spanish. His documents state that he was not an orthodox Jew. His occupation was stated as 'Bookseller' although initially as a 'Trainee'.

So, we have similar men, similar ages, similar languages spoken, both had been in Italy for an extended period of time and they both end up residing at 65 Parliament Hill in London.

Erwin Jacoby had a sister and brother resident in the UK, he was able to immediately gain employment a  trainee at M & N Horne, Clothing Importers in London ad later moved to Glasgow to work, presumably, at his sister's Bookshop.

Tibor, on the other hand, had no relatives and the man who had been a guarantor for him according to the case file, removed that guarantee. Tibor enlisted in the AMPC, (The Pioneer Corps) on 29h May 1940. He was arrested and put aboard the Dunera in June 1940, his records at that time showed him to be unemployed.

Thanks to these new documents, we now have a date when Tibor moved to 10 The Avenue, Windsor, it being 17th July 1945. Given that he was released from Tatura on 1th April 1942, there is a gap of approximately 3 years when his whereabouts are currently unknown.

For the record, there was just one person named Jacoby on the HMT Dunera, the same ship on which Tibor set sail for Australia. Full name was Franz Victor Guenther Jacoby, a chemical engineer.

The Burning Question

Why was it that Tibor was judged to be an 'enemy alien' and deported, yet Erwin was not detained and allowed to stay and work in the UK? We ae still reviewing the mechanisms applied by the UK Government and especially the rules and regulations that governed the treatment of 'enemy aliens'

The two case documents are available from the link below, as you will see, the notes are quite difficult to interpret due to the nature of the handwriting. You will also see a number of names are mentioned. Perhaps a researcher with time on their hands would care to delve deeper into these documents? I know we will be doing just that over the Christmas break but the more who become involved, the better.

WJR Case Files for Tibor Kaldor and for Erwin Jacoby can be found here..

The Three Kaldors

'The Three Kaldors are a trio of lugubrious acrobats, of tremendous potentialities in the mirth-provoking line..'

During research, we came across a reference to a touring Acrobat group in the UK, The Three Kaldors. This could, of course, be pure coincidence but, thanks to Byron Devison reminding us, we know that one Australian Newspaper article from around the time  of the original SM case had quoted the notion that the Somerton Man may have been part of a touring acrobat group from the USA and who were in Australia at the relevant times. It is a sim link but one that holds promise.

More on this topic in the next post..


  1. The touring acrobats could make sense in regards to his physical condition and noting of his leg muscles. Plus the US items he had on him. He may have picked these up during his travels or maybe they were gifts from US tour booking agents etc.

  2. Is Jacoby the one u were talking about in my comment on the previous post ? About a friend in London that tibor have informed himself ? And about this Jacoby. Got more details ? Like photo or something ? And was there something on him since the date of Tibor's death ? Arnon

  3. We have no photographs from the UK at this stage. Jacoby moved to Glasgow in 1939 to work at his family's book shop. None of the refugee agencies had records of Tibor's death so the friend in London must have been someone else. There are two other names in the download pdfs, Mr. Cowley and Mr. Hannah. we are still looking at that issue. Worth remembering that Tibor was never formally/properly identified and that there was no stated clear cause of death. In his autopsy docs, his death was said to be consistent with barbiturate poisoning. In other autopsy's in Adelaide where such poisoning had occurred, the cause of death was clearly stated to be barbiturate poisoning.

    There is another lead that we are following in the UK and that is the name 'Danetta', the name that turned up in the Acrostic code associated with Tibor's last note.

  4. A DATE OF SIGNIFICANCE. In amongst the many aspects of a sudden death, be it suicide or murder, that must be examined is that of a 'date of significance'. I am not aware of any previous blog post that has taken that into account including on this blog. An oversight or simply getting so heavily involved in other avenues of enquiry that this was not top of mind is a possibility/excuse. It reared it's head recently when we looked at Tibor Kaldor's death and found that it occurred exactly 14 days after that of the Somerton Man and in a location very close to Somerton.

    I went back and looked at SM's date of death and found that, following the adoption of UN Resolution 181 (11) on November 29th 1947, December 1st 1947 marked the first day of Civil War in Palestine. (There were some instances of violence, sniper attacks on two buses, on the 30th November) SM was found dead on December 1st 1948. You can imagine the range of links that can be uncovered from this find, the issue of some kind of religious involvement or one of political intrigue are obvious starting points. There will be a post on this aspect early in 2017.

  5. So you're saying that SM's death, Tibor's death, and first day of civil war all of its date is connected somehow ? On TK and SM i can see the link.. Their death dont seem very clear.. But i can't see any link about SM being dead on 1st December and first civil war in 30 November 1947. Indeed the dates have pattern.. SM's day and TK's death time gap is exact 14 days which means the case occured on exact same day only in different weeks, the same goes to SM's death and attack on two buses.. It also occured in exact same day only in different year.. And i also have a question about Tibor and i have big expectation to hear your opinion from your point of view or at least your hunch.. Considering the situation in those times.. What is or was the most basic reason that made the Police didnt give much clarity about Tibor's death ? As if they wanted to close the case soon as possible.. Arnon

  6. What I see is the 'coincidence' of SM's date of death with the start of the civil war in Palestine as then was. In addition I see. somewhat more clearly, the death of Tibor occurring 14 days exactly after SM and in the same locale.

    How this all relates to the internees held at Hay then Tatura, is a little more complex. Apart from the Dunera Boys who were mostly Jewish internees from the UK, we also had German protestant internees from Palestine, they were known as Templers. In addition we have German Internees of Catholic and Protestant religions from Iran. Between these three source locations we have a potent mix of religious and political ideologies.

    We also have more direct links to the SM case as per Paul Lawson's comments regarding the woman who left flowers on SM's grave belonging to an 'Iranian' religion. That woman was Jestyn according to Paul. The book, the Rubaiyat, was written by Omar Khayyam, an Iranian and indeed quatrains from the book are often quoted in relation to a particular Iranian religion, Zoroastrianism.

    The question now is how does this puzzle all fit together? We have links to Iran via the German Internees from Iran, we have links to Jestyn via the Zoroastrian religion. We have links to SM via the Rubaiyat. We have links to Palestine via the German internees who were arrested in Palestine and brought to Tatura Internment camp.

    We also have links between SM and Tibor Kaldor, a one time Dunera Boy and internee, who was interned at Tatura. Those particular links relate to the suitcase contents being of a profile you would expect from an ex internee or ex POW and also the fact that Tibor was found dead in Adelaide two weeks to the day following SMs death. Bear in mind that there was free and open access between German internees whether they were internees or POWs from 1945 onward until their release which occurred progressively from 1942 in the case of the Dunera Boys and from 1945 through until 1947 in the case of other internees and POWs.

    We have the underlying links between all internees and the SM case, specifically the code page, verse 70 and the torn piece. Micro writing occurs in all three of those as it does in the Internment Banknotes from Hay Internment Camp.

    With regards to the Police investigation of Tibor's death, it puzzles me to. Why, given SM's much publicised demise just two weeks before, were investigations so limited and in fact apparently fell outside of SOP's for identification of a deceased body.

    We now have so many pieces of the jigsaw puzzle, we just need the next few to complete the picture. I think they will be forthcoming, all a matter of time and patience. There are still some stones to be turned over and that process is underway with more posts planned for the week after Christmas.

    Many thanks for your questions and comments, I hope this reply goes someway to providing answers for you.

  7. Ahh i got it now. As for the templers i was a bit shocked that i read it as Templars first. :D. As for Tibor and SM's death if u compare the police acts of those two deceased. Seems like SM's death was to cover up the essential facts of TK's death. If the police didnt give a single clarity about TK than what they did on SM. I think that TK is like a bigger figure than SM. Well thats one way or another. Im satisfied with your answers they filled some holes of my tought about this case. And Merry Christmas GC. Have a nice Christmas and im looking forward to the next posts. Arnon