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The Somerton Man Case. The body of a man found on an Australian beach close to a major Atomic Testing ground, he was probably poisoned, a copy of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam and an unbroken Code page found and associated to him. Set against a Cold War background in 1948, was this man a spy? We think so and this blog focuses on the evidence that was left behind and in some cases missed, the Code page, Dry Cleaning numbers, A Poem and a small, torn piece of paper bearing the words TAMAM SHUD.

Thursday, 13 October 2016



Following some good discussions with Clive and his discovery of unusual aspects to some of the writing in the various documents associated with Tibor Kaldor, we embarked on a thorough review of those items and the results were quite astounding.

I have taken a series of images of various signatures, date formats and block capital letters and have compared them firstly against each other and then, in the case of the Code page, I compared block capitals from one hand written form to the letters of the code.


    From Non-Communication form November 1940.  A very hurried signature, this was amongst the first forms signed by Tibor in Australia and is believed to be genuine.

From Registration Application January 1948, note date configuration 21/1/1948

From Last Note December 1948. This signature closely matches the Registration Application signature above, the letter, 'd' in this image seems a little stretched though and the flourish on the K has a gentler curve

Compare the signatures above to this next image, this was from the Registration cancellation form and acknowledging his British Naturalisation Certificate, dated 9th November 1948, just barely 1 month before he ended his life:

Note that whilst the letters T and K are similar to the above signatures,

The K is slightly more upright than the earlier signatures

The K does not meet with the letter 'a' in this image as it does in the earlier signatures

The letter 'l' is looped in this signature but not in the earlier signatures.

The letter 'd' is set differently to the earlier versions

The last 3 letters o, r and y are quite different in shape and spacing with the Y being stretched further to the right.

Note also the date and the odd angle of the number 8 in comparison to the January 1948 signature and the shape of the number '4' differs to other examples written by Tibor.

Note also that in this last signature the format does not include the full year of 1948 just the 48.


From Registration Application, note the full year inclusion as in 1940

Note the date format in this image of Tibor's last note, again he uses the full year description, 1948

This last image shows the odd angle of the 8 and the shortened year description, it is from the Registration cancellation form which has wha appears to be a forged signature


 This image is from the initial non communication form dated November 1940, notice the stylised T and the neat and very clear subsequent letters in 'Tibor'. It is not clear whether the prefix is short for 'Doctor'

The image below shows a cursively written Tibor which is entirely different in style to the genuine version above with the exception of the letter 'b' which is similar.. This is also from the November 11th 1948 Registration Cancellation form.


Once again, the comparison is between the January 1948 Registration cancellation form and the November 1948 Registration Application form content.

The first image is from the January form and shows a quite distinctive style for block capitals:

This next image shows a totally different style of capital letters:

It is difficult to avoid the conclusion that the Registration Cancellation form dated November 11th 1948, was not completed by Tibor Kaldor but by another person who filled in the form and forged Tibor's signature.

There is a notable similarity between e block capitals shown in the above image and some letters from the Code page


The comparison between the letter A shows the shape similarity and the slight extension to the right.

The letter L, is of a similar angle

The D is very similar with a small extension to the bottom left of the code page version

The O whilst similar has a curled in point to the upper centre, more like the letter Q on the code page although not as pronounced.

The letter R is not that similar in that there is no outer curve. there is a reason for that related to the amount of microcode that needed to be within that letter. This would account for additional space which could be incorporated by using an outer curve.

The images below are of the actual forms from which the individual images in the post above were derived:

The image of the form below is believed to have been completed by another and the signature forged.

Clean Copy Registration Form





  1. Is it possible that the "square" A is written by an other hand, and might be an official standard of some sort? I've seen records like that before, for example look at this 'KEANE' (the 'A' on page 1):
    I also notice that on the one marked 39869, the date separator is a dot rather than a slash - which sort of seems consistent with the way the witness on another document writes the date - incidentally, can you decipher the name of the witness?

    1. Good comment, we have a couple more posts on the issue so I won't want to preempt too much but I can say that there is a consistency across some of the forms that appears unusual. The witness on the Application for Registration form appears to be A Dean. This could be the photographer, I will publish a clearer form and in which you can make out the photographers address in Melbourne.

    2. Added the two images including reverse side. A separate certificate appears on the back of the photograph certifying authenticity.

  2. I notice on your new photos it shows various immigration addresses. It's interesting that the SA one is on North Tce (where the motor reg is these days) - less than 100m from the Strathmore. Perhaps the Strathmore was frequently used by "aliens" who resided outside of Adelaide Metro area when they had to come visit immigration - especially where they expected processing to require more than 1 visit...

  3. I wonder who owned both hotels?

  4. In your comment on the different Kaldor signatures you say "The last 3 letters o, r and y are quite different in shape and spacing with the Y being stretched further to the right." I think the letter Y you refer to is a flourish.

  5. Anon ... The man Ina Harvey described as being in the Strathmore at the time, especially her comment ' He didn't murder the King English' fits someone whose English wasn't accented by and Australian, American or English tongue. N'est pas?

  6. Good point and quite possibly correct, do you think maybe there was more than one in town at the same time? It was a strange week in Adelaide, on Saturday 18th of December, they pulled a Norwegian sailor out of the Port River, he'd been missing since the previous Tuesday, the 14th. A busy week for the plods. The ship was the 'Hoegh Silverlight', the name of the sailor, a Norwegian, was Erkki Nissi. No connection that can be seen, but who knows?