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The Somerton Man Case. The body of a man found on an Australian beach close to a major Atomic Testing ground, he was probably poisoned, a copy of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam and an unbroken Code page found and associated to him. Set against a Cold War background in 1948, was this man a spy? We think so and this blog focuses on the evidence that was left behind and in some cases missed, the Code page, Dry Cleaning numbers, A Poem and a small, torn piece of paper bearing the words TAMAM SHUD.

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Somerton Man: Verse 70 Secrets, More Revealed

More Hidden in Plain Sight Examples From Verse 70

To get a clearer view of these examples, you should set up your printer to print out at best quality, the examples have all been saved at 300 dpi which should give you a clearer result when printed out.

The Focus for this post? The first 3 lines from Verse 70

 First off the rank is the word then, it is in fact the second 'then' from line 3 of Verse 70..

Here parts of the image have been highlighted to show the presence of micro written letters and numbers..
 And here the image has been rotated to provide a clearer/easier view

 But are there more examples I hear you ask?

Verse 70 was supposedly written by Jestyn and handed to Alf Boxall at a meeting in August 1948 at the Clifton Gardens Hotel in Sydney. But is that the truth? Was it written elsewhere in a classroom at Army HQ for example?
There are many more from Verse 70 to be uncovered, I will organise an online tutorial which will walk everyone through the straightforward steps needed to find these examples for yourselves. Should be ready by Wednesday this week.

Download a copy of the Courage & Friendship series of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayam..

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