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The Somerton Man Case. The body of a man found on an Australian beach close to a major Atomic Testing ground, he was probably poisoned, a copy of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam and an unbroken Code page found and associated to him. Set against a Cold War background in 1948, was this man a spy? We think so and this blog focuses on the evidence that was left behind and in some cases missed, the Code page, Dry Cleaning numbers, A Poem and a small, torn piece of paper bearing the words TAMAM SHUD.

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Somerton Man: The Somerton Man, Alf Boxall and Jestyn Linked. Hidden in Plain Sight 3..

The Intro Page for Jestyn's Verse 70 contains this image
and this image from that same page contains a mass of hidden in plain sight code...

The Somerton Man, Alf Boxall and Jestyn Linked...

Below you can see the close up image of the left hand of the lady with the fez. The two areas highlighted clearly show micro written numbers and that is beyond any doubt.

In this next close up we are looking at the line that joins the left arm to the midrif:

What you are seeing is a classic concealment method used by agents since WW1, hiding code inside an image. It was relatively common practice to select a newspaper ad that conatined an image and to write in the micrro-code using special inks or even pencil. You can clearly see the string of numbers and some letters in each of the 3 highlighted areas in this pic. Add this to the images of code concealed within the letters of Verse 70 supposedly written by Jestyn and the picture is complete. 

The clandestine communication method used including Ink H, are very similar to those used by the British Intelligence unit, the SOE.

Those familiar with the code page will recall the crossed out line, the two lines across the centre and the so called flourish beneath the final letter 'R' on the last line of the code. They also contain micro-written code.

I will shortly be adding a scanned image of a copy that I own of the same edition of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayam as the one from which the above images were taken. I have already compared them and there is absolutely no doubt that the Boxall book carries the hidden in plain sight code, my copy shows no such or in any way similar markings.

The Alf Boxall book is still in existence and I believe that Professor Abbott has it in his possession or has access to it. Using a microscope as has been done in the past, to examine this page will mean nothing. Getting clear images is a matter of proper focus and lighting. It is the easiest thing in the world to take a microscope image that completely misses the focus point for an image.

Over on the blog, Pete Bowes has some interesting threads that weave in to this and similar posts. The role played by the Musgraves is a case in point. 
Make no mistake this is new and very relevant evidence in what is still an open case. 

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Somerton Man: Another Breakthrough! The Lady in the Fez..


You can download this 300dpi image file from here..

This image is of the Verse 70 Inscription, looks innocent enough doesn't it? Let's take a look in particular at the sketch:

Still looks innocent doesn't it?

Well it does until you dig a little deeper and take some close-up images of various aspects of the pic. these were taken in sunlight with an Olympus Stylus camera set to macro lens.

Here we go, as you will soon deduct, the crossed out lines on the code page as well as the 'flourishes' also hide a wealth of information.

If you look carefully you will be able to view the micro writing within the highlighted areas, there are more images that have been taken but for now I think this should give everyone a valuable glimpse of what the book that Jestyn supposedly handed to Alf at the Clifton Gardens hotel actually contained. The most interesting thing is here yet again, we can tie Alf and Jestyn together with more clandestine communications.

In this image we may just have a key, if you recall we had the letter Q, on right above, clearly showing the letters and numbers XCA 35. What do we make of this marked up section.. Could it be a scrunched up XCA? Be mindful that the image of the lady in the fez was taken relatively recently and thus it would have faded a little over the time.

One Time Pads and Cipher Machines.

In response to a request, here are some examples of One Time pads that were in use at the time including the SOE 'Silk' OTP shown to the left.

And the great man himself, Leo Marks of SEO fame:

Next is a typical micro OTP:
And finally here's an encoing device, cpould almost fit into a flute bag? This one is an early US device called an M 94

And here's how the process works:

This book supposedly given to Alf still exists and the image you see at the top was sent to me by Professor Abbott. The truth will always come out.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Somerton Man: Massive Breakthrough, Verse 70 coded writing revealed in detail...

Massive Breakthrough..

This has been a long time in arriving but if you keep chipping away and learning about forensic techniques and the methods used by various intelligence agencies, something has to give and here it is.

These are just some of the images from the verse 70 poem supposedly written by Jestyn to Alf Boxall, I am astonished at the level of skill shown by the person/s who wrote this.

Let's be clear about it, this poem now proves beyond doubt that Boxall and Jestyn were involved in Intelligence work and that this poem may well have been a training exercise for Jestyn.

All I have done to reveal these examples is to take a macro lens close up of the various parts of the page showing the verse and without any form of additional lighting, just daylight. When you download these images, save them as a png file before processing them and for the main verse image set the size to 11.63 cms by 5.4 cms and the printer should be set at Best quality in greyscale.

I will be posting more but in the meantime, I will leave you with these images that tell the real story. They were taken using a macro lens and I have attached the original image at 300 dpi as supplied by Professor Abbott 2 years ago in 2013.

This is a significant breakthrough and it will totally change the SM story from this point onwards. Note that this image clearly shows the weave of the paper and note how the letters sometimes work with the weave and sometimes across it. It makes me think that this may have been a purpose issue of the book specifically for Intelligence purposes.

Here's the base image, you can download this from this page, right-click and 'save image as':

First image, the number 70 inscribed by Alf Boxall sometime after the 1978 interview with Stuart Littlemore,

In the image on the right, you should be able to clearly see the numbers and letters in the number 7 and the adjacent 0. Click on the image to view enlarged version
In this next image every single letter shown contains micro letters and numbers with traces shown within the dash from line 2 of the inscription. Click on the image to view enlarged version

On to close up image number 3 with more examples of micro-coded writing. Click on the image to view enlarged version

Image 4 with yet more examples of micro-coded characters: The cross bar of the T contains is worth close examination, click on the image to view enlarged version.
And the fifth and final image yet again contains micro-coded letters and numbers: Look closely in particular at the uprights of the various larger letters of the verse. It is now completely undeniable that micro code is to be found throughout  the documents in the case including the code page, the torn piece and now Verse 70 without doubt shows the strongest proof yet. Click on the image to view enlarged version.

Again, if you are having difficulty viewing the fine detail in these images then first set your printer to Best quality and set the image size to 11.63 cm width X 5.4 cm height. Use a camera preferably with a macro lens setting to take close up images of any of these images including the full verse

In closing off this post, it must now be abundantly clear to all that the SM case is one that involves espionage and that the techniques and methods used suggest that SOE may well have been involved certainly in the early days.

Somerton Man:Ciphers, Signals and Sex. The real relationship between Alf Boxall and Jestyn.

Isn't it interesting how so much attention has been paid to the notion of SM being the father of Jestyn's child Robin and little or no attention paid to just how and under what circumstances Jestyn and SM may have met.

This post sheds a great deal of light on that particular issue and supports the likelihood of it being the case by virtue of a relatively recently released document from British Intelligence dealing with SOE, one time pads and instructresses. Or as SOE puts it, Ciphers, Signals and Sex.


The Real Link Between Alf Boxall and Jestyn

To start this piece, I have been working on the now famous Verse 70 apparently written by Jestyn in a copy of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayam and handed to him at a meeting held at the Clifton Gardens hotel in 1945. Here is yet more proof of the existence of micro writing only in this case it links Alf Boxall directly to its use and to a clandestine type message.

The micro examples shown here are real, I have not added anything to them nor have they been subject to any additional marking.

These images take a while to extract although, in the end, the method needed was simple as always seems to be the case.

The boxes marked 1 and 2 are the number 70 inscribed by Alf Boxall sometime after the Stuart Littlemore interview in 1978. 

In box 1.he used some simple letters and numbers as in what appears to HQ 23456 with the 5 and 6 being very close together.

In box 2 you can see traces of letters and numbers but not very clearly as in 1.

Box 3 is I assume by Jestyn. and it looks like 258 8246 with others barely visible.

Box 4. again from Jestyn a string of numbers show up relatively clearly and to me that appears to be 285 395228x

Box 5 is a section of the letter T and I make out 383 46

The process was a simple macro lens close up taken of the high-res image provided by Professor Abbott, I applied a 10 Watt LED oblique light across the surface of the image I then used an image editor to adjust curves.

I belive this to be an example of the British Intelligence, SOE, Ink H method where inked letters are applied which are then overwritten in pencilled micro letters/numbers and a final layer of ink.

My view is that the supposed meeting may not have taken place at the Clifton Gardens Hotel but at Army HQ and it was in fact part of a training exercise.

The Boxall book is still in existence and in my view it is a very real piece of evidence and I would ask you, Professor Abbott to have the book examined by an independent and qualified forensic document examiner. It is highly likely that indentation markings will exist in the book as well as the images I have shown here. With great respect, it is simply not good enough to dismiss the existence of micro writing when you haven't had it tested by a qualified independent examiner.

British Intelligence Involvement in Australia

On the issue of SOE, there is strong evidence that shows that SOE were directly involved with Australia during WW2 by virtue of their distributing various one time pad code material printed on silk. In fact some 366 one time pads were delivered top Australia being sent, here's an excerpt from an SOE document:

1). Agents were now sent into the field with 12 page Letter One Time Pads on silk.
2). W.O.K. or Code 53 on silk.
3). Crack Signal One Time Pad on silk.
4). Broadcast One Time Pad on silk.
5). High Grade Identity Checks.

Consider this,  SOE, headed by Leo Marks, had a system in the UK of recruiting Nursing Yeomanry in the code and training section. These ladies were considered exceptional at their work and used the Nursing Yeomanry as a front for their real job. Whilst they may have undertaken some nursing training, they never actually graduated. Interestingly, neither did Jestyn.

Cyphers, Signals and Sex. Instructresses and Agents, A Unique Relationship

The British model also made use of their recruits as instructors to train agents in the use of the various coded materials. In fact they were trained for 15 hours and instructresses were told to make themselves available to the agents as and when required. Read the following section carefully, much is said 'between the lines' in particular note section 6.
To cover this enormous subject would require volumes: it would also require that the reader has at least a working knowledge of the current principles of psycho-analysis – for it was upon certain of these principles that S.O.E.'s cipher training technique was finally evolved.
Briefly, psycho-analysts maintain that (a) behind almost every conscious intention there lingers in the unconscious a deep seated resistance, and (b) Emotion is ambivalent – two sided – what we feel in our conscious mind has its exact opposite in, our unconscious: behind a display of enthusiasm lurks a desire for lethargy – behind a display of affection lurks dislike – behind a display of nausea lurks desire, etc.
The way to discover the existence in the average person of (a) and (b) is through his slips of the tongue, lapse of memory, dreams, gestures, laughter, etc. THIS HOLDS GOOD FOR AGENTS.
The theories of (a) and (b) affect agents in the following ways:-
(1) AGENTS RESENT BEING TRAINED. (This resentment is unconscious).
(3) AGENTS SEE IN THEIR TRAINING OFFICERS "PARENT IMAGOS" AND REACT ACCORDINGLY. (The fact that the TRAINING OFFICERS are taken as parent imagos is unconscious as far as the agent is concerned, but SHOULD NOT BE as far as the training officers are concerned.
(4) Carelessness, Indolence, Stupidity, or Careless Talk on the part of the agents during training – and indeed afterwards – may be due to UNCONSCIOUS causes.
(5) TRAINING MUST AIM AT THE UNCONSCIOUS OF AN AGENT and not merely to the conscious, otherwise mighty forces may, in the end, bring the most carefully planned training to nought – and an otherwise competent agent may be the despair of his training officer simply because of unconscious trends which no-one has attempted to control.
(6) For further details of the psycho-analytical approach to agents' training, see Appendix entitled "Ciphers, Signals and Sex".
Every agent should go through a post graduate course. It is not enough for an agent to know his ciphers consciously, they must be burned into his unconscious mind so that in moments of acute tension they will be recalled to him with the facility of an instinct.
Constant repetition is imperative. An agent must be told something so often that he begins to react by mimicking his instructor. It is not enough to tell an agent 3 or 4 times about his identity checks, it may not be enough to tell him 30 to 40 times; it is his unconscious mind that must be instructed. Agents should be disturbed at all hours and made to code. Their reactions under intense fatigue should be watched. Paper, spectacles, and electric lights should be removed, and they should be made to improvise methods of coding and decoding traffic. Agents should be grilled before departure to the field. A mock Gestapo session should be set up in which their reactions should be noted. The technique of rebuffing psychological questions should be explained to the agent.
The time it takes to train an agent.
15 hours at a training school.
Post Graduate Course. This consists of every spare second the agent has. Each agent is given his own instructress whose timetable is so arranged that she can be available whenever he requires instruction in cipher. This is a point of psychological importance.
Types of Instructresses. Primarily the extraversive type is best: the dreamy, poetic, aesthetic type was of little use in instructing agents in cipher: the ultra-sophisticated type is even worse. Personable manner, striking or restful appearance are important qualifications for the coding instructress. An agent at a time of intense emotional strain will react far more favourably to a set of characteristics that attract him rather than to the opposite.
Ciphers should be sold to the agent; cipher training is a sales campaign; instructresses should be chosen of the same types as would be used for saleswomen.
A brilliant coder is not necessarily a brilliant instructress in cipher; a brilliant instructress is not necessarily a brilliant coder.

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