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The Somerton Man Case. The body of a man found on an Australian beach close to a major Atomic Testing ground, he was probably poisoned, a copy of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam and an unbroken Code page found and associated to him. Set against a Cold War background in 1948, was this man a spy? We think so and this blog focuses on the evidence that was left behind and in some cases missed, the Code page, Dry Cleaning numbers, A Poem and a small, torn piece of paper bearing the words TAMAM SHUD.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Somerton Man: Verse 70 part 2.

Verse 70 Part 2.

Super Enlargements.

These are visible with the naked eye and without any digital enhancement apart from properly enlarging the image.

The Dash. Here you can make out the string of numbers beginning with the letter X on the far left, the cut off between the lighter and darker areas of the dash is quite pronounced. The dash shown here appears between the words 'swore - but'. The tail end of the letter 'b' shows microcode as does the upstroke proper.

All is learning. or so an ancient Chinse proverb tells us. I certainly agree with that statement and would add that lifelong learning keeps the mind sharp. Michel Angelo when in his 80s said the famous word, 'Ancora Imparo', I am still learning, and thus it is that this blog keeps adding and building on previous work as I continue to learn.

My most recent lesson this week is the discovery of an amazing software tool called Ben Vista Photo Zoom 6. You can, and, hopefully, will download a trial copy here.

With this tool, you can successfully enlarge a copy of Verse 70 to a point at which you can make out microcode in the letters of the wording. In other words, no processing needed apart from using the tool to enlarge the subject. The next stage is to use the bleaching process which will isolate the microcode details even further.

Here are some more examples:

The words above are from the last line in Verse 70, 'My threadbare...' The highlighted areas show strings of numbers with some letters

From line 1, 'Repentence...' The highlighted areas again show microcode and in some cases the letters/numbers extend out and over the line of the larger letters. You may also see what could be extended pencil strokes.

Finally, from the last two lines the letter 's' from spring and the 'P' from Penitence, microcode showing in both within the highlighted areas.

Friday, 22 April 2016

Somerton Man: Breakthrough Verse 70 Microcode revealed, Amazing close up images...


Close up images, bleached and contrast adjusted, each marked up area contains visible microcode, the code consists of letters and numbers. Take your time and browse through the collection of microcode images shown in this post. They really are a major breakthrough. Those that have followed other paths and that have dismissed the work done here to date will now have to rethink their positions.

It is acknowledged that many people have put a lot of time and effort into pursuing historical information based on the people associated with the case, that work has not been wasted, it needs to be reviewed in the light of the evidence presented here.

My opinion is that the Verse 70 shown here, was used as a training exercise for Jestyn and possibly the Musgraves. Alf Boxall could well have been the trainer and was most certainly familiar with SOE secret communication methods, specifically, Ink H. That makes him an Intelligence operative and by association so was Jestyn and so was SM.

Image from the Fez Lady showing a string of numbers, but as you will see as you work down this page, that is just the beginning.

The number 70 at the bottom left and immediately above, shows a set of numbers which were put there by Alf Boxall thus proving that he was involved in the process. It also directly relates to the discovery of the Rubaiyat which contained more microcode concealed within the so-called, 'code page' as indeed does the torn piece containing the words Tamam Shud.

Now we clearly have Alf, Jestyn and The Somerton Man connected by virtue of the discovery of this microcode.

More examples below of what is amazing expertise being displayed by whoever wrote the microcode, some of the images are a little blurred for which I apologise! There is quite a collection as you can see but I have to tell you that this not all there is. There many more of these Verse 70 Images and when I get chance I will organise this into a better format/gallery, by clicking on the images, many of them will appear in a larger format.

For all my fellow followers and contributors to Pete Bowes 'Toms by Two' blog, I hope that these images will display well on your screens! Any feedback you have is always very welcome and would be appreciated.

And for all those that doubted the existence of microcode in this case, I can understand the scepticism but the evidence is in and it is time now to put those doubts and scepticism behind. Getting to this information was simply a matter of using the bleaching method and then some basic image sharpening. More than happy to answer any questions related to the recovery methods used.

To my knowledge, whilst references are made in various books and manuals to this kind of clandestine communication method, the images presented on this blog are the first publicly viewable examples.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Somerton Man: Verse 70 Hidden in Plain Sight

Verse 70
Hi-Resolution Enlargement

The image above shows a number of the words and individual letters from Verse 70 of the Rubaiyat that Jestyn apparently gave to Alf Boxall.

There are no adjustments that have been made to this image, what you see is a simple enlargement of the original image.

You will need to look very closely at the markings within the individual letters indicated by the arrows. What you are seeing is a classic example of code hidden in plain sight.

When you examine them carefully, you will see that some of the letters and numbers that are shown overlap the edge of the pen strokes, it has been expertly executed with characters ranging between .25 mm and .6 mm in height.

Every word in this verse including the dash on line 2, contains microcode. The code is typified by being a slightly darker colour than the pen strokes.

Whilst there is no doubt in my mind that this is microcode. Because we are dealing with an old document, we can improve the appearance of the code by processing the wording/letters and the method I use is bleaching. I will post a short video clip this coming weekend that will show the steps involved. It is very straightforward and it does provide a far better view.

You can download this image by right-clicking on it. You can view it on screen or you can print it out and if printing, remember to select the best quality option from your printer settings.

A last quick point, the darker part of the dash that you see near the top of the image also contains code, what is really cute about it is that the code has been written upside down, whereas the code in the lighter part of the dash is written upright. That made me smile :) It also serves to confirm that this is the real deal.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Somerton Man: Verse 70 and the Fez Lady Micro code

Verse 70 + The Fez Lady

First a couple of examples of micro-writing, one as part of an artwork and the other of a US $100 

In this image you can see the handwritten miniature text drawn to form an eye and eyebrow of a femme fatale!

I have used this particular image because the Verse 70 'Fez Lady' also has micro writing and not just around the eyes as you will see below.

This close up of part of Benjamin Franklin's image on the US $100 Bill, shows the clever use of micro writing hidden in the folds of a garment. The wording says 'The United States of America and the string of micro numbers is too small for me to make out clearly. Again, this technique was used in the Verse 70 image that you will see below.


Below you can see a marked up headshot of the Fez Lady. I know that is not the best image but it does show examples of micro written letters and numbers carefully hidden in the tassle the sideburns, the nostril and even the outlines:

The UV version may be a little clearer to view:

Once more quite hazy but you can see markings in the outlines and you should be able to make out a string of letters and numbers in the belt:


Very small and very finely done, a good example of Ink H technique as developed by SOE in WW2.
Every word in Verse 70 including the dash and Jestyn's signature contains microcode:

This last image shows up more clearly on the desktop screen. I think that because of the very fine nature of this work, Blogger does not render as good an image as I would like. You can download this of course and then view it in a photo viewer such as Irfan View which is free to download here

For the record, this image is a close up and backlighting, I adjusted contrast and curves in a photo editor.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Somerton Man: The Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation

CAC: 1945

This photograph was taken in 1945 and it shows a team of men who have gathered around the last Boomerang fighter to be built at Fishermans Bend in Victoria.

Working with Clive, we are looking at a number of possibilities based on the finding of micro writing within the letter Q on the code page. Inside that letter can clearly be seen the following:



The XCA refers to a particular aircraft that was under consideration for the RAAF, in 1948, designated CA 23, a twin jet fighter bomber,  it was just a design that had been created together with some mock-ups. Our thoughts are that it is possible that someone from Fishermans Bend would have got hold of the information on the design and may have passed the information on. It could be tyhat someone who was working on aircraft would have been in a position to do that and that person could have been amongst one of the pics from CAC that still exist today.

Images of the design and mock up will be posted shortly in this post.

In the image above you can see that three men have been indicated, here's the close up images:

 Man 1. Of the three, this man has the most similar appearance to SM but it is a grainy image, In the larger picture, you can actually see that he has what appears to be a muscular left arm. The ear is also similar to that of SM. His height is a little difficult to guage but given that he is standing alongside the Boomerang and the height of the propeller and part of the fuselage is in view, he would appear to be quite tall and around the 6 foot mark. His face shape looks similar.
 Man 2. Ears similar, height seems to be close and he has boroad shoulders

Man 3. Again similar ears and broad shoulders although the face shape seems not be close to that of SM.

This is a work in progress and Clive has had some success dealing with various archives about CAC.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Somerton Man: Tamam Shud Torn Piece, Crossed Lines and The Fez Lady


Bleached and contrast adjusted

I would ask that you bear in mind that none of the microcode was meant to be seen, it has been skillfully concealed and written I suspect, with a special kind of ink/fluid which was meant to respond to a particular chemical or perhaps lighting or both. The method I have used is simply bleaching and some lighting plus adjustment of contrast and curves.

The amazing thing about the technique used is that it is very simple for all to do. If you have any
issues please contact me.

In the following three images, we see the letters T and E from line 3 in close up:

The first image is of the dark side of the letter Q and the second is of the ML sequence from line 4. Needs further work but you should be able to make out the outlines of


For followers of this blog and others, the torn piece was found in a fob pocket in the trousers that SM was wearing when he was found. According to Cleland, the fob pocket was small and hard to find, he had to use tweezers to extract the tightly rolled up torn piece containing the words TAMAM SHUD.

In the image below, you will see an example of the exact fob pocket liners used in the Elasta strap trousers made during the SM period. There is nothing particularly small about them and you would not think that such a pocket would have been hard to find:

Here's a link to the actual 2012 PDF document containing a short but well researched history of Elasta strap/Marco brand trousers and their manufacture in Australia. Elasta Strap History see page 27

Below two images to compare of the torn piece.

These are two of many images of the Tamam Shud torn piece, if you look carefully you should be able to see micro letters and numbers within each of the larger letters. It was not easy to get to this point but there are more images now that clearly show the presence of microcode on both the code page and here in the torn piece. 

Crossed Lines

 In the image below you can make out strings of micrcode in the highlighted areas. As you can see it is very small, I estimate about .4 mm in height and sometimes down to .25 mm but still visible. I am going to see if I can find a better method to enlarge the findings.


The image of the Fez Lady Verse 70 which shows a very skilful use of microcode and its concealment within the image of the Lady In The Fez, you'll see the outlines of letters and numbers written into the sketch lines around the neck shown here. The concealment is exactly as described in the CIA manual on Secret Writing that you can find in the download page on this blog. The recommendations were to hide the micro writing in shaded areas or within column dividers and lines. In the lower highlighted area you should be able to make out the letters AV, those same two letters appear within the tastles on the fez itself. I will post that image at the weekend.

Cooperative Project

By way of some news, we have a joint project underway with contributor Clive and also Pete Bowes from the Toms by Two blog.  The project relates to the XCA microcode found some time ago and which we beleieve relates to the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation and one of its secret design projects dating from 1948. That effectively dates the code page itself and provides us with a lead. 

Clive has and is doing some serious digging into archived files and we have also managed to find a photo of a group of employees that we will be examining and asking for input from followers of our blog.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Somerton Man: Here, There and Everywhere..

Close Up of Fez Lady, Jestyn's Verse 70 Poem

Two images for the moment showing a close up of the belt area of the Fez Lady, in the lower lap area you may detect some hints of blue. This image was taken in colour so it has picked up some blue markings which may have been from the biro that Alf used to write in the number 70.

In the image above the contrast has been adjusted, note the upper waistband

More to follow..