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The Somerton Man Case. The body of a man found on an Australian beach close to a major Atomic Testing ground, he was probably poisoned, a copy of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam and an unbroken Code page found and associated to him. Set against a Cold War background in 1948, was this man a spy? We think so and this blog focuses on the evidence that was left behind and in some cases missed, the Code page, Dry Cleaning numbers, A Poem and a small, torn piece of paper bearing the words TAMAM SHUD.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Somerton Man: More Code Close Up Images & Some Words for Nick Pelling

More Close Up Images

A little fuzzy but you should be able to make out numbers and letters in the lower, thicker section of the crossed lines

B and O from the fourth line numbers visible
with more in outline/shaded areas

This is the first letter P in line 3, interestingly you
can actually see some outlines in this letter
with the naked eye on the original code page

More close up pics with many more to follow, by the end of this week the latest and improved batch will be ready to show. The methods I use are standard and have been substantiated here on this blog. In other words I have been quite readily re create the use of micro writing in a similar size, conceal that writing and then recover it and then write over a scan of it and still be able to reveal it, In addition I have been able to prove that micro writing disguised as it has been in the SM code page, was in fact a known technique used by British Intelligence in WW2, Ink H.

VENONA Code Names and Cover names

A new item added to our documents today, it's a set of notes by Alexander Vassiliev on VENONA and it contains lists of code and cover names, you'll find it here:

Nick has continually refused or been unable to respond to my questions. I asked him for examples to substantiate his claims and he can't do that. I told him that if he can tell the difference between micro writing and pareidolia the we could put it to the test and I offered to set one up, but apparently he is unable and/or unwilling to do that as well.

So in the face of the evidence put forward and substantiated, Nick continues his vendetta against me and the work I do here. I wanted to post a comment here that Nick left on Pete Bowes blog regarding micro writing and a totally incorrect statement he made regarding mental illness.

Here's Nick's comment with my comments within:

Gordon: the only reliable way to tell between pareidolia and microwriting is to have scans of the same underlying image at two different resolutions. 
That's interesting and on what do you base that statement? Have you read it somewhere? Tell us where or is it just another idea you had? There is no such document that I have found although I have found and proven how this was done. It has also been shown that a 400 dpi image contains enough detail to reproduce the same effect as that on the code page. In other words Nick, words without substantiation have no value and you are wrong.
At the higher resolution, the microwriting should resolve into clearer writing: if it does not, it was pareidolia.
Again, where did you get that information from? Substantiate it and how it applies in this case and if you can't then you are wrong again. Here's proposal for you, if you are so certain on this point, then a man with your skill and background should be able to readily demonstrate it, so go ahead, demonstrate it.
If you don’t have access to a higher resolution scan, you cannot differentiate between pareidolia and microwriting. Bleaching printouts, shining UV lights, whatever – none of this helps you.
You have yet again made another bland and uninformed statement apparently in the belief that if you made then it must be true. Unless you substantiate your claims then they have no value. I have proven the ability to create and recover micro writing at 400 DPI. Nick you have proven nothing.
As to the rest of your comment: if the best argument you can muster against people who have specific technical disagreements with your point of view is to accuse them of mental disorders, shame on you.
Nick, this is a particularly unpleasant coment to make. Mental Illness carriues with it a stigma and wrongly so. I have some qualifications in this area and admit that I have been guilty of subscribing to the stigmatisation by failing to be open about my experiences, a form of denial if you will. I have a son, he's in his mid 40's now. Some years ago we worked to gether , we had a successful Technology based business but my son wanted to take off and see the world and learn. He did that and was a project manager for a number of large IT projects in the finance field, in that role he travelled the world, Tokyo, Simgapore, London and more. He was very good at his job.
He became involved with a high flying crowd and soon alcohol and drugs became a big part of his life. His behaviour became erratic, he would anger easily and would often not be in contact for months at a time. He developed narcissistic tendencies and was diagnosed as Bi-Polar. This later progressed into full blown schizophrenia. He lost his job of course and before long he became homeless, he still is and lives on the streets. I don't always no where he is or how he is, not through the lack of trying. There is little real support for people in his position and hwta there is he refuses to accept. As a parent you learn to live with the sadness and pain but if my pain is bad I look at my son and wonder how on earth he deals with his pain which would be so much greater.

Dealing with mental illness is extremely challenging. I have many friends in the same situation and there would be thousands more parents in this and worse positions, I have friends who have lost their children to suicide and their pain must be dreadful.
My comments regarding the behaviours of some were specifically aimed at informing people to try to understand those who talk or behave strangely, to know that these people are dealing with their own personal demons. I gave out some 'marker' information so that people could learn to spot potential problems in others or maybe even in themselves in the hope that it would do some good
Nick, turning the issue of mental illness into a point scoring exercise is beneath contempt. 

Until now I have kept this information to myself and a few trusted people, sometimes that doesn't pay but in the end the more we are open and talk about the issue of mental health, the more we can change the narrative and hopefully the more help will be delivered to those in need.
If you or anyone you know is facing mental health challenges or suffering from anxiety and depression then it's OK to reach out for help and there is absolutely no shame in it. In Australia we have Lifeline,  you can contact them on 13 11 14 and it's a 24 hour service. Whatever you do don't sit on it, take positive action and take it now.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gordon! I was just wondering if you have done or would be wiling to do a control experiment, using your methods on an image of comparable resolution but known NOT to contain any micro writing. If my understanding of your techniques is correct then surely the control image would be devoid of any markings, random or not, yes? f this were the case then it might help silence the pareidolia arguments. - Lee

Gordon332 said...

Hi Lee, Yes, I had done something along that line some time ago but would be happy to do the same again. I will post that over this coming weekend. The images will compare one with micro writing and one without. Thanks for your comment, much appreciated.