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The Somerton Man Case. The body of a man found on an Australian beach close to a major Atomic Testing ground, he was probably poisoned, a copy of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam and an unbroken Code page found and associated to him. Set against a Cold War background in 1948, was this man a spy? We think so and this blog focuses on the evidence that was left behind and in some cases missed, the Code page, Dry Cleaning numbers, A Poem and a small, torn piece of paper bearing the words TAMAM SHUD.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Somerton Man: The Letters M. More writings..

I am busy making the most of the time I have spare and hope that these images of the Letter M plus a couple that show the R from the code page which will present well on the blog. These were all taken under UV light with no editing apart from cropping the size of each image for presentation purposes.

A very quick post for now but I will review this later this week.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Somerton Man: Verse 70 Excerpts Like You've Never Seen Before..

Here are 5 images of Verse 70, Jestyn's Gift to Alf Boxall. Many will have seen the words before but not like they are seen in these images. I have had the main image for some time and have decided to take and release these now as it seems an appropriate time given my own schedule and the direction of the investigations thus far. More after the images..

This first one focuses on the right lower side of the poem, you will be able to see some strange looking markings within the letters, some will even see what those markings are. I'll leave you to browse through, there are 5 pics in this post.
Lots to see in this last one.What do we make of this? All showing markings and many of those markings are letters and numbers.

What will this mean to researchers? Well for one I think what's been demonstrated again is the presence of micro writing in this poem which coincidentally also appears on the code page. The common denominator being of course Jestyn and by default Alf Boxall.

Imagine for a moment that everyone now agrees that micro writing is present. What is the impact?

1. To start with we would all have to agree that the meeting at the Clifton Gardens Hotel between Alf. Jestyn and others was not an ordinary meeting. 

2. These images give credence to the belief that Jestyn was indeed being trained by Alf and very probably Alf was working for Military Intelligence as he himself has inferred. The number 70 was done by Alf, it contains micro numbers. Alf's joke :)

3. It also links Jestyn to the code page and a book she denied all knowledge of. By the way, I am not judging Jestyn in any way. If anything she may well be the heroine in the story.

4. The Spy theory is very likely on the money.

5. It leaves a question mark about just who developed and overwrote the code page; it would stand to reason that if I have been able to uncover what was hidden behind the overwritten page then whoever took the pic saw what we see now.

I see the method used as being Ink H as per British Intelligence SOE manual. That was simply to write the words first in ink and then using the outline of each inked letter as a guide, insert the pencilled micro letters and numbers into each of the inked letters. The last step is to overwrite the initial letters again with ink and that's job done. Where it falls down is that over time the top/last layer of ink in this instance wears thin and we are able to recover what lay beneath. It is not for me to question why the simple technique used to recover and show the above images was not used before, it could simply be an oversight.

For the record, I used a strong backlight at varying oblique angles, it was a 33 Watt LED and I also had an additional white filter. The pics were taken with an Olympus S-H1 and the source image was the older version at 300 dpi. If anyone would like a copy you can find one and many more images here, when you view this page you will see many images that don't reveal that much but some are relatively clear. Notice how these in particular show strings of letters/numbers and all aligned within the larger carrier letters.

To view this post properly, please make sure that you have your PC or laptop/tablet screen set to high resolution. If you are going to print out any of the images again check your Printer resolution and set up the printer to produce high-quality photo images.

No doubt some will want enlarged copies and I may do that but quite honestly obtaining these images is quite straight forward, a digital camera, some decent backlighting and the time needed to test out various angles and strengths of light and you will be able to see for yourselves. The last image shows micro writing in the G in Spring and in the P in Pieces, the other images show tantalising glimpses which I hope you will take as an introduction to finding out just how you can recover 'hidden' information. It really is clandestine communications and as far as I know this case is the first time that the use of Ink H has been uncovered.

Now the question is which direction will the research and investigation take from here?

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Somerton Man: Letters S and T in last line on the 'code' page plus a Verse 70 T included

Thought I would spend as little time more of the letters including the T from the last line of the code page. For those interested, I again used an Olympus S-H1 camera set to macro lens. What this does is to enable super close up images without zoom. I also employed a UV lamp which should explain the blue coloration. Across the top bar of the T is a string of numbers and I can make out 2 letters. In the upright you should also be able to make out darker shapes which I believe to be more numbers and letters.

Added these 29th June in response to Clive's comment, the letters S and T in more detail. In response to a request from Pete Bowes, I have included more on the letter Q.

I have used a different approach such that what you see here are close up images under UV light without any colour changes or enhancements. They maybe a little blurred for which I apologise: The micro letters and numbers are visible but you may need to let your eyes focus a little.

I have spent time on quite a few of these of late and will endeavour to publish one or two each week. As to what the numbers/letters may mean I will leave that to those better qualified in that field.

I should point out that these things are not easy to recover, using a simplistic adjustment of contrast and brightness will not do the job and you will not get a decent result no matter how hard you try. Apart from the UV and backlight, I used Paint.Net, a free image editor, and the
color replacement tool, adjusting the tolerance levels according to the requirement. You could also use GIMP, another free tool or perhaps Photoshop if that's in your budget.

Critiques are welcome..

Here's the Q just for Pete. Still needs a little more work, hard getting the last section cleaned up but it can be done. I made the image larger in case Nik has difficulty seeing this. No offence Nick :)

By the way and just for the record, here's another letter T this time from Jestyn's verse 70 written for Alf Boxall. In my view Alf was in Intelligence and Jestyn was one of his pupils. Open to conjecture just who other pupils in that class may have been, perhaps JFG?

In the top bar of the t, you can make out letters and numbers. In fact in each of the words in Verse 70 they are there to be found. No enhancement made to this image, just a close up with backlight and oblique lighting in this case.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Somerton Man: Is this man related to SM? Striking resemblance and a Harkness connection


Sometimes, if you're very lucky, you can stumble across an image or an article even that turns out to be significant. In this case it would seem that one thing quickly led to another and then another.

I should make it clear that I am not going to reveal this man's name or where he currently lives, in fact nothing will be revealed that would lead to his being identified. It's a matter of his and his family's privacy and also a matter of due respect.

Like so many other genuine researchers on this case, I have spent many hundreds of hours searching through books and online resources in an effort to uncover something that may be of use in the case.

During that process, some time ago I came across the image above and followed an information trail from there. I can confirm that this man, who lives in Australia and is of Scottish descent, has the same teeth and ear type as SM. I can also confirm that a person with the same surname as this man served in the same unit as Alf Boxall during WW2 and that there is a person with the surname Harkness connected to this man.

The danger here is that conclusions are jumped to without proper investigation, I am not implying that the man who served with Alf Boxall was SM but it may be that he was related to him.

There's more work to do on this and if anyone would like to take part in further research on this matter with the condition that we keep the information locked up until we have something concrete to report, that would be very much appreciated.