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The Somerton Man Case. The body of a man found on an Australian beach close to a major Atomic Testing ground, he was probably poisoned, a copy of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam and an unbroken Code page found and associated to him. Set against a Cold War background in 1948, was this man a spy? We think so and this blog focuses on the evidence that was left behind and in some cases missed, the Code page, Dry Cleaning numbers, A Poem and a small, torn piece of paper bearing the words TAMAM SHUD.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Somerton Man: Code page micro set '283X', an Admiralty message dated 1944.

In the image above you can see a close up of micro set numbers and the letter 283X. I posted on this set a week or two ago.

After some digging, I have found what appears to be a most interesting result. 283X is apparently an Admiralty message dated 1944 and it relates to Top Secret Naval operations during that time. However, we do not have any evidence that these messages are genuine, provenance must be established before we can be certain of this.

You can read the full message thread here:

Is this a 'coincidence' ? Or is it another piece in the puzzle that might just give us a lead worth following?


Anonymous said...

Hi Gordon, Very interesting find. HMS Gould was less than six months in service b4 she was lost-what a waste. Clive

Gordon332 said...

Fair bit to be gleaned from the various messages. Use of pro signs. X used as separator. Names of personnel. Etc.
Given what we know then sm could have been a radio operator and/or spy.That's assuming that the book was his. Whatever the case there's a lot to follow up on.
Last thought. Consider how a radio operator did their job. Note pads or separate sheets to ensure only 1 copy. In which case they would use something to lean on.

Gordon332 said...

Worth reading through the full transcript. A fairly unique reference to Enigma amongst the Admiralty messages, The ULTRA project I think.